Bearings – Section 1.1 Maintenance

Section 1.1

An effective preventative maintenance program for the engine and its supporting systems will maximize the engine bearing life. Preventative maintenance starts with a daily inspection of the engine by the operator for correct fluid levels and replenishment of any low fluids, refer to "6 Types of Failure" . Periodic maintenance inspection of the engines air inlet, cooling, fuel, and exhaust systems must be scheduled as each of the related systems can affect engine bearing life. This periodic inspection schedule is available in the appropriate Detroit Diesel® engine service manual.‪

Maximum bearing life, as well as long engine life, will depend upon an established maintenance program that is followed on a regular basis.‪

The major cause of bearing damage is dirt and foreign particles which can come from careless handling, poor cleanliness, and failure to follow a maintenance program.‪

Ensure the engine oil used in the engine meets Detroit Diesel lubricating oil requirements. The requirements for proper lubricating oil are based on SAE Viscosity Grade and API Service Designation. The requirements are covered in Detroit Diesel Lubricating Oil, Fuel and Filters bulletin, 7SE270.‪

Filters make up integral part of fuel and lubricating systems. Proper filter selection and maintenance are important to satisfactory engine operation and service life. Filters, however, should be used to maintain a clean system, not to clean up a contaminated one. Filter performance and test specifications very between manufacturers. The filters recommended by Detroit Diesel have been qualified to appropriate SAE performance specifications and meet manufacturer's requirements. Refer to Specifications for Detroit Diesel Maintenance Products in Detroit Diesel Lubricating Oil, Fuel and Filters bulletin, 7SE270. Other brands may be used, provided they have demonstrated equivalent performance.‪

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