Section 6.3 Cavitation

Section 6.3

Section 6.3.1

White looking bubble-shaped features etched in the bearing surface. Normally in, but not limited to, the overlay layer of the bearing. See Figure "Example of Bearing Cavitation " .‪

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Figure 1. Example of Bearing Cavitation

Section 6.3.2

The damage is caused by the collapse of vapor bubbles due to different oil pressures that occur in the engine during operation. This process is considered a form of erosion. Bearing cavitation can occur during normal engine operation.‪

Section 6.3.3
Possible Causes

There are several possible causes for the damage:‪

  1. Using the wrong weight of oil.
  2. Not using oil with the right additives.
  3. Oil dilution by fuel, air, or water.
  4. Improper bearing clearance.

Section 6.3.4

The recommended maintenance procedures after bearing cavitation are:‪

  1. Reuse if bearing surface is not damaged and within specifications.
  2. Use correct oil.
  3. Use recommended maintenance practices.
  4. Ensure the bearings have the correct clearances.

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