Section 6.8 Lack of Lubrication

Section 6.8
Lack of Lubrication

Section 6.8.1

The bearing layer appears to have been melted with the layer material streaking together. See Figure "Example of Lack of Lubrication" .‪

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Figure 1. Example of Lack of Lubrication

Section 6.8.2

The damage is caused by oil flow disruption to the bearing. When the oil flow is disrupted, the bearing and journal come into contact with one another and creates high heat. Without the oil barrier, the bearing layers are melted away. See Figure "Illustration of Oil Film Levels" .‪

Section 6.8.3
Possible Causes

There are several possible causes for the damage: ‪

  1. Using the wrong type of oil.
  2. Not performing the daily maintenance practice on the engine.
  3. Failing to change the lubricating oil within the recommended schedule.

Section 6.8.4

When lack of lubrication occurs, replace bearings.‪

  1. Replace bearings.
  2. Check all other engine parts for similar wear.
  3. Use recommended maintenance practices.
  4. Change lubricating oil within the recommended interval.

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