DD15 Troubleshooting

Section 13.1 Different Engine Noise

Section 13.1
Different Engine Noise

Different engine noises that are heard when a problem occurs are listed in the following table.‪

Type of Noise‪

Check the Following:‪

Whining Noise‪

Gear Train, refer to "13.1.1 Check Gear Train" .‪

Whistling Noise‪

Air intake including the CAC and all hoses‪

Turbo clamps‪

Gaskets in exhaust system‪

Internal turbo damage‪

Low Pitch Knock‪

Rod bearings‪


Wrist pin‪

High Pitch Knock/Squeal‪

Valve train damage‪

Fuel system problems‪

Belt accessory drive‪

Belt tensioner‪


A/C compressor‪

Water pump‪

Section 13.1.1
Check Gear Train

A whining noise indicates a problem with the gear train.‪

Check as follows:‪

  1. Pull the engine
  2. Drain the engine oil.
  3. Pull the oil pan.
  4. Move the doser feed line.
  5. Remove the Crankcase Position (CKP) Sensor.
  6. Remove the fuel pump gear plate.
  7. Remove the flywheel housing.
  8. Inspect the gears for damage.
  9. Inspect the thrust washers and gear bushings for damage.
  10. Check the gear lash.

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