Section 17.1 DDEC VI System–How It Works

Section 17.1
DDEC VI System--How It Works

DDEC VI is a system that monitors and determines all values required for the operation of the engine. A diagnostic interface is provided to connect to an external diagnosis tester. Besides the engine related sensors and the engine-resident control unit, the Motor Control Module (MCM), this system has a cab-mounted control unit for vehicle engine management, the Common Powertrain Controller (CPC). The connection to the vehicle is made via a CAN interface which digitally transmits the nominal values (e.g. torque, engine speed specification, etc.) and the actual values (e.g. engine speed, oil pressure, etc.).‪

Section 17.1.1

There are two major harness: the Engine Harness (EH) and the Vehicle Interface Harness (VIH). The Engine Harness is installed at the factory and is delivered connected to all engine sensors, the fuel injection system, and the MCM.‪

The OEM supplied Vehicle Interface Harness connects the CPC to other vehicle systems.‪

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