Section 17.6 Tape and Taping

Section 17.6
Tape and Taping

Tape must be used when conduit is utilized. Be sure to follow the tape manufacturers' guidelines. The harness manufacturer may use tape under the harness covering (conduit or loom) to facilitate harness building. Tape must be tightly wrapped at all conduit interconnections with a minimum of two layers (refer to "17.5 Conduit and Loom" ). Be sure to firmly secure the start and finish ends of tape. ‪

Section 17.6.1
Tape Criteria

In applications where the temperature doesn't exceed 176°F (80°C), black vinyl electrical tape that is flame retardant and weather resistant may be used.‪


Black vinyl electrical tape should not be used in applications where the temperature exceeds 176°F (80°C).‪

In applications where temperature exceeds 176°F (80°C), vinyl electrical tape should not be used. For these applications, adhesive cloth backed, flame retardant polyethylene or fiber glass tape (Delphi #PM-2203, Polikan #165 or equivalent) is recommended.‪

Section 17.6.2
Taping Criteria

The tape must extend a minimum of 1 in. (25 mm) past the conduit.‪

The tape must be crossed over butted conduit ends.‪

The tape must be extended a minimum of 1 in. (25 mm) in each direction at all branches.‪

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