DD 15 – Section 1.1 Amplified Pressure Common-Rail System

Section 1.1
Amplified Pressure Common-Rail System

The high pressure circuit of the APCRS consists of the following components:‪

  • Fuel High Pressure Pump (14)
  • Rail (9)
  • Pressure Limiting Valve (11)
  • Rail Pressure Sensor (B146)
  • Quantity Control Valve (Y134)
  • Injector (cylinder 1) (Y150)
  • Injector (cylinder 2) (Y151)
  • Injector (cylinder 3) (Y152)
  • Injector (cylinder 4) (Y153)
  • Injector (cylinder 5) (Y154)
  • Injector (cylinder 6) (Y155)

Excess fuel in the fuel high pressure circuit passes through the fuel return line (D), to the fuel return line pressure limiting valve (8) and two fuel return lines of the injectors (12) back into the fuel low pressure circuit.‪

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 1. MCM Heat Exchanger‪

13. Regulator‪

 2. Priming Port‪

14. High Pressure Fuel Pump‪

 3. Fuel Prefilter‪

15. Low Pressure Fuel Pump‪

 4. Fuel Filter Module‪

16. Amplifier Return Line (External to Module)‪

 5. Hand Primer Pump‪

B146. Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor‪

 6. Water Separator‪

B150. Water-in-Fuel Sensor‪

 7. Final Filter‪

A. Low Pressure Fuel Pump Outlet‪

 8. Fuel Return from Pressure Limiting Valve‪

B. Low Pressure Fuel Pump Inlet‪

 9. Fuel Rail‪

C. High Pressure Fuel Pump Outlet‪

10. Fuel Return from Injectors Amplifiers‪

D. High Pressure Fuel Pump Inlet‪

11. Pressure Limiting Valve‪

E. High Pressure Fuel Pump Emergency Lubrication Line‪

12. Fuel Return for Injector Needle Valves‪

DD15 Fuel System Technician's Guide - DDC-SVC-MAN-0037
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