DD 15 – Section 2 Safety

Section 2

The service procedures recommended by Detroit Diesel and described in this Technicians Guide are effective methods of performing service and repairs. Some of these procedures may require the use of tools specially designed for this purpose.‪

Accordingly, anyone who intends to use a replacement part, service procedure, or tool that is not recommended by Detroit Diesel must first determine that neither their safety nor the safe operation of the engine will be jeopardized by the replacement part, service procedure, or tool selected.‪

This technicians guide contains various work procedures that must be carefully observed in order to reduce the risk of personal injury during service or repair or the possibility that improper service or repair may damage the fuel system components. It is also important to understand that these work procedures are not exhaustive, because it is impossible for Detroit Diesel to warn of all the possible hazardous consequences that might result from failure to follow these instructions.‪



To avoid injury, use care when working around moving belts and rotating parts on the engine.‪

A service technician can be severely injured if caught in the pulleys, belts, or rotating parts of an engine that is accidentally started. To avoid personal injury, observe the precautions in this section before starting to work on the engine, no matter what task is being performed.‪

2.1 General Safety Precautions to Observe When Working On the System

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