Section 3.3 Fuel Cooler

Section 3.3
Fuel Cooler

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 1. Fuel Filter Module‪

 6. Fuel Inlet‪

 2. Fuel Cooler‪

 7. Fuel Outlet‪

 3. Coolant Outlet for Fuel Filter Module‪

 8. Fuel Cooling ducts‪

 4. Coolant Inlet‪

 A. Fuel Circuit‪

 5. Coolant Outlet‪

 B. Cooling Circuit‪

The fuel cooler (2) is located behind the fuel filter module (1). The fuel cooler (2) cools the warmed fuel which comes from the injector amplifiers to the fuel filter module (1). The fuel cooler (2) is designed as a shell cooler. The warmed fuel from the injector amplifiers flows via the fuel inlet (6) through the fuel cooling ducts (8) to the fuel outlet (7). The cooled fuel then passes from there to the fuel filter housing and mixes with the colder fuel from the low pressure pump. The fuel cooler (2) is supplied coolant through a passage in the block. Coolant exits the fuel cooler and enters the fuel filter module (1) through an internal passage. From there the coolant exits (3) the fuel filter module and returns to the oil/coolant module.‪

DD15 Fuel System Technician's Guide - DDC-SVC-MAN-0037
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