Section 5 Fuel System Diagnostic Tests

Section 5
Fuel System Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic and testing procedures recommended by Detroit Diesel and described in this chapter are effective methods of performing symptom based diagnostics related to a fault code. ‪

5.1 External and Internal Low Pressure Fuel Leaks

5.2 High Pressure System Fuel Leak Test

5.3 Monitoring Low Pressure Fuel System Pressures

5.4 Aerated Fuel

5.5 High Amplifier/Needle Return Flow

5.6 Fuel System Leak Detection and Threshold Resetting

5.7 Rail Pressure Bleed Off

5.8 Pressure Limiting Valve Leakage

5.9 Pumping Element Concerns

5.10 Isb (Idle Speed Balance) Values

5.11 Fuel Filter Life

DD15 Fuel System Technician's Guide - DDC-SVC-MAN-0037
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