DDEC III/IV Single ECM Troubleshooting

Section 8.8 Shrink Wrap

Section 8.8
Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is required. Alpha FIT-300, Raychem TAT-125 or any equivalent heat shrink dual wall epoxy encapsulating adhesive polyolefin is required. Listed in Table "Shrink Wrap Sources"

Alpha Wire Corp

Raychem Corporation

711 Lidgerwood Ave‪

Thermofit Div

P.O. Box 711‪

300 Constitution Drive, Bldg. B‪

Elizabeth; NJ 07207-0711‪

Menlo Park, CA 94025‪



Table 1. Shrink Wrap Sources

To heat shrink wrap a splice:‪

  1. Select the correct diameter to allow a tight wrap when heated. The heat shrink wrap must be long enough to overlap the wire insulation about ¼ in. on both sides of the splice.
  2. Heat the shrink wrap with a heat gun; do not concentrate the heat in one location, but play the heat over the entire length of shrink wrap until the joint is complete.

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