Section 5 Electronic Control Systems

Section 5
Electronic Control Systems

Detroit Diesel Corporation has produced electronically controlled engines since the mid 1980’s. Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC®) manages the timing and amount of fuel injected into each cylinder. The system also monitors several engine functions using sensors that send signals to the electronic control module. DDEC V, the fifth generation electronic engine controller, offers improved engine control, improved engine protection, improved diagnostics, and a more extensive range of engine and vehicle operations.‪

DDEC offers state-of-the-art fuel management and economy, including compensation for changing environmental conditions and user preferences. The DDEC ECU provides engine monitoring as well as a stored summary of engine performance. Data can be extracted and analyzed with PC software products such as DDEC Reports, ProDriver® Reports, and Detroit Diesel Data Summaries. These products allow printing of comprehensive reports for managing vehicle operation.‪

Abbreviations and terms common to all DDEC versions are listed in Table "DDEC  Abbreviations and Terms" .‪

The differences between DDEC V and older systems are listed in Table "Differences Between DDEC  V  and Older System Terminology" .‪

5.1 DDEC Abbreviations and Terms

5.2 DDEC and Pro-Link Operations

5.3 DDEC for MBE 900 and MBE 4000 Engines

5.4 Fuel-Related Electronic Fault Codes

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