Section 6 Failure Modes

Section 6
Failure Modes

This section explains failures relating to Series 50/60 unit injectors. The failures are addressed as: a complaint, cause, correction, and recommendation. These failures are accompanied with a picture to help in diagnosing the failure.‪

The failures explained in this section are: ‪

6.1 Normal Injector

6.2 Seized Injector

6.3 Broken Injector Follower Spring and Damaged Stator With Broken Stator Screws

6.4 Loose Stop Plate Screw

6.5 Missing Stop Plate Screw

6.6 Cracked Injector Body Failure

6.7 Broken Solenoid Terminal Screw Failure

6.8 Failed or Blown Spray Tip Failure

6.9 Low Pressure Plug Leak

6.10 High Pressure Plug Leak

6.11 Black or Gray Smoke Problem

6.12 White Smoke Problem

Unit Fuel Injectors and Unit Pumps Technician's Guide - 7SE500
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