Fuel Injectors & Pumps – Section 8 Fuel System Tests

Section 8
Fuel System Tests

The cylinder cutout test is a valuable tool to identify a cylinder in the engine that has a suspect performance issue. This is helpful in identifying a problem with a unit injector. In order to better understand and interpret the results of this test it would be wise to review the definition of some terms associated with the test.‪

A cylinder cutout test measures the power contribution of each cylinder to the total engine power, based on cylinder pulse width measurements.‪

Pulse width represents the quantity of fuel going into a cylinder, measured in degrees of crankshaft rotation. The higher the numbers of degrees, the more fuel being injected in the cylinder.‪

8.1 Series 50/60 DDEC Cylinder Cutout Test

8.2 Series 50/60 Faulty Fuel Injector Test

8.3 Series 50/60 DDEC Improper Injector Calibration Test

8.4 Series 50/60 DDEC High Pressure Fuel Test

8.5 Series 50/60 DDEC Insufficient Fuel Flow Test

8.6 MBE Cylinder Cutout Test

8.7 MBE 900 Downstream (After Secondary Filter) Pressure Test

8.8 MBE 900 Flow Test At Nozzle Holder

8.9 MBE 900 Flow Test At Fuel Filter

8.10 MBE 900 Upstream Pressure Test

8.11 MBE 900 Injector Leak Test

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