Fuel Injectors & Pumps – Section 8.11 Glossary

Section 8.11

Atomized Fuel

Fuel broken up in a very fine mist.‪

Check Valve

A mechanism to insure flow in one direction only.‪


The chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material, usually a metal, and its environment that produces a deterioration of the material and its properties.‪


To eat away gradually any type of material.‪


A general term used to imply that a part in service has become completely inoperable, or is still operable but is incapable of satisfactorily performing its intended function, or has deteriorated seriously to the point that it has become unreliable or unsafe for continued use.‪

Fuel Cooler

A devise used to reduce the temperature of the fuel returned to the fuel tank.‪

Fuel Filter

Used to remove impurities from the engine fuel supply‪

Fuel Return Line

A hose or pipe used to return heated fuel to the tank.‪

Fuel Temperature Sensor

Monitors fuel temperatures prior to entering the cylinders.‪

Injector Body

Main injector component to which the injector parts are assembled.‪

Injector Follower Spring

A spring designed to return the follower and plunger to its up position on the injector.‪

Injector Nut

A tube shaped part used to contain all the internal pieces of the injector, also the main seal surface in the head.‪

Injector Response Time

Is the length of time in milliseconds (ms) from when the stator valve opens to the time the poppet control valve closes.‪

Metering (Fuel)

Amount of fuel that is injected, or metered, as determined by the ECM and fuel requirements.‪

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)

Any of several oxides of nitrogen most of which are produced in combustion and are considered to be atmospheric pollutants.‪


Something that is privately owned and specific to a manufacturer or operation, like a company software system.‪

Pulse Width

The duration of time the injectors are fueling the engine, measured in degrees of rotation of the crankshaft, which is determined by the ECU.‪


To eliminate air in the fuel system by flushing with clean fuel.‪

Rocker Arm

A device used to transmit upward motion from the camshaft to downward motion of either intake, exhaust valves, or injectors.‪

SAE J1587

Communication link used for DDR, Data Hub, ABS, etc.‪


Device that holds an iron armature within its air core as long as there is power applied to it. When de-energized, the armature is released.‪

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