Section 2.2 EGR Injector Unit Pump

Section 2.2
EGR Injector Unit Pump

The removal and installation of the EGR injector unit pump is the same as the non-EGR engine; however, the EGR injector unit pump must be programmed to coordinate with the DDEC-ECU (formerly PLD-MR).‪

Section 2.2.1
EGR Injector Unit Pump Programming

When replacing and before installing a new EPA 04 EGR unit pump, the unit pump identification code number must be programmed into the DDEC-ECU (PLD-MR). Perform the following procedures to insert this code into the unit pump:‪

Note: On the top surface of each EGR unit pump, there is a unit pump identification code number. This is the number that is programmed into the DDEC-ECU (formerly PLD-MR) to coordinate the operation of the unit pumps. See Figure "Injector Unit Pump Identification Number" .

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 1. Injector Unit Pump‪

 2. Injector Unit Pump Identification Number‪

Figure 1. Injector Unit Pump Identification Number

  1. Consult the minidiag2 manual for service routines.
  2. Select routine number 006 – Pump Line Nozzle Change.
  3. Enter the unit pump identification Number found on the top of the unit pump.
  4. Press enter.
  5. Press double-arrow back key.
  6. Turn off key and unplug minidiag2.
  7. Install the unit pump. Refer to "2.1.3 Injector Unit Pump Installation" .

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