Section 2.5 EGR Fuel Injector Nozzle

Section 2.5
EGR Fuel Injector Nozzle

The removal and installation procedures remain the same for the non-EGR and EGR fuel injector nozzle. There are minor differences in the injector nozzles for the two engines. The EPA 98 engine uses injector nozzle #1070 until engine series number 744382 and from engine series number 744383 on, the 98 engine uses injector nozzle #1281. The EPA 04 EGR engine now has two injector nozzles – one for low HP and the other for high HP. Each injector nozzle is stamped with a production number for the EPA 98 and EPA 04 engines. See Figure "Injector Nozzle Identification" .‪

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Figure 1. Injector Nozzle Identification


EPA 98 injector nozzles may not be used in an EPA 04 EGR engine. Verify correct nozzle before insertion into engine.‪

Note: There is no fuel return hole on EPA 04 EGR fuel nozzles.

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