Section 6.1 Intake Manifold

Section 6.1
Intake Manifold

Perform the following procedures for removal and installation of the intake manifold.‪

Section 6.1.1
Intake Manifold Removal

Remove the intake manifold as follows:‪

  1. Apply the parking brakes, shut down the engine, and chock the rear tires. Tilt the hood.


    To avoid injury before starting and running the engine, ensure the vehicle is parked on a level surface, parking brake is set, and the wheels are blocked.‪

  2. Remove the intake air inlet pipe. Discard the inlet pipe gasket. See Figure "Manifold Removal and Installation" .
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     1. Intake Manifold‪

     3. Intake Air Inlet Pipe‪

     2. Inlet Pipe Gasket‪

     4. Manifold Mounting Bolt‪

    Figure 1. Manifold Removal and Installation

  3. Remove the bolts from the engine trim cover. Move the side panels down and out of the way to expose the manifold mounting bolts.
  4. Remove the mounting bolts attaching the manifold to the cylinder heads.
  5. Move the manifold out enough to expose the sensor attached to the back of the manifold. Disconnect the electrical connector from the socket on the charge air pressure/temperature sensor. See Figure "Sensor Removal" .
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     1. Electrical Connector‪

     3. Sensor Mounting Bolt‪

     2. Intake Manifold Pressure/Temperature Sensor‪

     4. Intake Manifold‪

    Figure 2. Sensor Removal

  6. Remove the charge air manifold from the cylinder heads.
  7. Remove the charge air manifold gaskets. Clean any bits of sealant material from the manifold and the mating surfaces on the cylinder heads.

Section 6.1.2
Intake Manifold Installation

Install the intake manifold as follows:‪

  1. Place new manifold gaskets on the heads.
  2. Connect the electrical connector to the charge air pressure/temperature sensor.
  3. Install the manifold on the cylinder head. Tighten the mounting bolts 40 N·m (30 lb·ft).
  4. Install the engine trim cover side panels, as removed.
  5. Install the charge air inlet pipe, with a new gasket, on the charge air manifold.
  6. Lower the hood and remove the chocks from the rear tires.

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