MBE 4000 – Charge Air Cooler

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This section contains the specifications for servicing the engine.‪

Charge Air Cooler

The torque values for the charge air cooler are listed in Table "Torque Values for Charge Air Cooler" .‪


N·m (lb·ft)‪

Charge Air Cooler Mounting Bolts (to radiator strut)‪

25 (18)‪

Charge Air Inlet Hose Clamps‪

10 (7)‪

Charge Air Inlet Pipe Mounting Bolts‪

60 (40)‪

Charge Air Manifold Mounting Bolts‪

40 (30)‪

Fuel Line Banjo Bolt‪

50 (37)‪

Manual Priming Pump Banjo Bolt‪

45 (33)‪

Radiator Strut Mounting Bolts (to engine)‪

50 (37)‪

Turbo Outlet Hose Clamps‪

6 (4)‪

Turbo Outlet Pipe Mounting Bolts (to bracket)‪

50 (37)‪

Table 1. Torque Values for Charge Air Cooler


The torque values for the turbocharger are listed in Table "Turbocharger Torque Values" .‪


N·m (lb·ft)‪

Exhaust Brake Valve Housing to Turbocharger‪

50 (37)‪

Heat Shield Mounting Bolts‪

25 (18)‪

Turbocharger to Exhaust Manifold Prevailing Torque Nuts‪

50 (37)‪

Turbocharger Oil Return Line Mounting Bolts‪

25 (18)‪

Turbocharger Oil Supply Line Banjo Bolt‪

35 (26)‪

Turbocharger Oil Return Line Connection‪

50 (37)‪

Turbocharger Oil Return Line Banjo Bolt‪

120 (88)‪

Table 2. Turbocharger Torque Values

MBE 4000 Service Manual - 6SE412
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