Section 1.12 Pilot Bearing

Section 1.12
Pilot Bearing

A special tool is required to remove the pilot bearing (OTC 7318) .‪

Section 1.12.1
Pilot Bearing Removal

Remove the pilot bearing as follows:‪

  1. Remove the transmission.
  2. Remove the clutch from the flywheel.
  3. Use a bearing remover to remove the pilot bearing. See Figure "Pilot Bearing Removal" .
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     1. Pilot Bearing (25-mm ID)‪

     3. Flywheel‪

     2. Pilot Bearing (30-mm ID)‪

    Figure 1. Pilot Bearing Removal

Section 1.12.2
Pilot Bearing Installation

Install the pilot bearing as follows:‪

  1. Lubricate the new bearing with longlife grease.
  2. Using a suitable driver and mallet, position the bearing on the crankshaft and drive it in the flywheel.
  3. Install the clutch on the flywheel.
  4. Install the transmission.

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