Section 1.13 Engine Barring Tool

Section 1.13
Engine Barring Tool

The engine barring tool J-46392 is used for two separate functions: locking the flywheel and rotating the crankshaft.‪

  • With the locking pin inserted, the tool locks the flywheel ring gear to prevent rotation during removal and installation of the flywheel.
  • Without the pin, the tool can be used with a wrench to turn the flywheel and crankshaft manually.

Note: The first time an engine barring tool is installed on the engine to turn the flywheel, the teeth on the rotating gear may rub on the flywheel housing. This does not cause a problem and should not occur the next time the tool is used.

Section 1.13.1
Engine Barring Tool Installation

Install the engine barring tool J-46392 as follows:‪

  1. Remove two bolts and the end cover from the flywheel housing. See Figure "Engine Barring Tool Installation" .
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     1. End Cover‪

     3. Pin‪

     2. Bolts (2 qty.)‪

    Figure 1. Engine Barring Tool Installation

  2. Remove the pin from the barring tool.
  3. Install the tool in the flywheel housing and secure with the two bolts from the end cover.
  4. Insert the pin to lock the tool and block movement of the flywheel ring gear.

Section 1.13.2
Engine Barring Tool Removal

Remove the engine barring tool J-46392 as follows:‪


The engine barring tool must be removed from the flywheel housing before starting the engine. Failure to do so could damage the flywheel ring gear.‪

  1. Remove two bolts and the barring tool from the flywheel housing. It is not necessary to remove the pin.
  2. Install the end cover on the flywheel housing with the two bolts. Tighten the bolts 25 N·m (18 lb·ft).

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