Exhaust Manifold

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This section contains the specifications for the exhaust manifold and exhaust manifold brake assembly.‪

Exhaust Manifold

The specifications for the exhaust manifold are listed in Table "Turbocharger Torque Values" and listed in Table "Tightening Stages for Exhaust Manifold Bolts" .‪



Torque Values - N·m (lb·ft)‪

Turbocharger to Exhaust Manifold Nuts‪

4-Cylinder Engines‪

30 (22)‪

6-Cylinder Engines‪

50 (37)‪

Turbocharger Oil Supply Line‪

M6 Bolt‪

10 (7)‪

M8 Bolt‪

40 (30)‪

Table 1. Turbocharger Torque Values


Max. Shank Length - mm (in.)‪

Tightening Stage‪

Torque Value - N·m (lb·ft)‪


47.5 (1.87)‪

Stage 1‪

10 (7)‪

Stage 2‪

55 (41)‪

Stage 3‪

additional 90 degrees‪

Table 2. Tightening Stages for Exhaust Manifold Bolts

Exhaust Brake Assembly

Specifications for the exhaust brake assembly are listed in Table "Exhaust Brake Assembly Specifications" .‪


4– and 6–Cylinder Engines - mm (in.)‪

Exhaust Brake Setting‪

180.3 (7.0984)‪

Exhaust Brake Preload‪

1.0–2.0 (0.04–0.08)‪

Shaft Axial Play Between Bushings‪

0.3–0.5 (0.01–0.02.)‪

Table 3. Exhaust Brake Assembly Specifications

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