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This sections contains the specifications for the starter, drive belts, and alternator.‪


The specifications for the starter mounting nuts are listed in Table "Torque Values, Starter" .‪


Torque Value‪

Starter Mounting Nuts‪

50 N·m (37 lb·ft)‪

Table 1. Torque Values, Starter

Drive Belts and Belt Tensioner

The specification for the belt tensioner bolt is listed in Table "Torque Values, Belt Tensioner" .‪


Torque Value - N·m ( lb·ft)‪

Hex head Bolt‪

50 (37)‪

Table 2. Torque Values, Belt Tensioner


The specifications for the alternator are listed in Table "Torque Values, Alternator Mounting Fasteners" , Table "Torque Values, Alternator Electrical Terminals" , and Table "Approved Dielectric Red Enamel" .‪


Torque Value - N·m ( lb·ft)‪

Lower Alternator Mounting Nut‪

50 (37)‪

Strap Mounting Bolt‪

40 (30)‪

Upper Alternator Mounting Bolt‪

65 (48)‪

Table 3. Torque Values, Alternator Mounting Fasteners


Torque Value - N·m ( lb·in.)‪

Ground (G) Terminal Nut‪

7.3 (65)‪

Indicator Light (I) Terminal Nut‪

2.3 (20)‪

Output (BAT) Terminal Nut‪

11.3 (100)‪

Table 4. Torque Values, Alternator Electrical Terminals

Protectant Material‪

Approved Brand‪

Dielectric Red Enamel Spray‪

MMM 1602 IVI–Spray Sealer, Red Electric Grade (Spray-On B–6–665)‪

Table 5. Approved Dielectric Red Enamel

MBE 900 Service Manual - 6SE414
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