Section 10.2 Air Governor

Section 10.2
Air Governor

The following sections describe the removal and installation of the air governor.‪

Section 10.2.1
Air Governor Removal

Remove the air governor as follows:‪

  1. Release system air pressure.
  2. Remove and mark the three air line fittings. See Figure "Air Governor Removal and Installation" . Inspect all fittings for damage and replace if necessary.
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     1. Air Governor‪

     6. Unloader Port, Air Compressor‪

     2. Unloader Port, Air Dryer‪

     7. Mounting Bracket‪

     3. Reservoir Port‪

     8. Mounting Bolt, M8‪

     4. Supply Air Line‪

     9. Unloader Air Line‪

     5. Air Dryer Control Line‪

    Figure 1. Air Governor Removal and Installation

  3. Remove the mounting bolt and remove the mounting bracket from the vehicle, with the air governor attached.
  4. Remove the two bolts holding the air governor to the mounting bracket.

Section 10.2.2
Air Governor Installation

Install the air governor as follows:‪

  1. Install the air governor on the mounting bracket, using the two bolts, as removed.
  2. Install the mounting bracket, with the air governor attached, on the engine. Tighten the M8 mounting bolt 16 N·m (12 lb·ft).
  3. Coat each air line fitting with pipe thread sealant at the air governor port.

    Note: Coat the surface between the fitting and port on the air governor. Do not put sealant on the surfaces between the fitting and the air line.

  4. Install the three air line fittings, as removed. Make sure all fittings receive the proper torque, as listed in Table "Air Compressor Torque Values" .

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