MBE 900

Air Compressor

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Any specifications for special equipment are listed below.‪

Air Compressor

The specifications for the air compressor torque values are listed in Table "Air Compressor Torque Values" .‪


N·m (lb·ft)‪

Air Compressor Mounting Bolts‪

40 (30)‪

Discharge Line Fitting‪

100 (74)‪

Coolant Line Banjo Bolts‪

40 (30)‪

Drive Nut‪

270 (200)‪

Power Steering Pump Mounting Bolts‪

40 (30)‪

Table 1. Air Compressor Torque Values

Air Governor

The specifications for the air governor torque values are listed in Table "Air Governor Torque Values" . The list of approved pipe thread sealants are listed in Table "Approved Pipe Thread Sealants" .‪


N·m (lb·ft)‪

Air Governor Mounting Bolt, M8‪

16 (12)‪

Table 2. Air Governor Torque Values

Protectant Material‪

Approved Brand‪

Pipe Thread Sealant (49–00094–108)‪

Loctite 567‪

Henkel 790 Pipegrip‪

Perma-Lok LH-150‪

Table 3. Approved Pipe Thread Sealants

MBE 900 Service Manual - 6SE414
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