MBE 900 4000 Troubleshooting – Section 2.1 Overview

Section 2.1

MBE Electronic Controls require several electronic control units and their harnesses. ‪

The engine control system monitors and determines all values which are required for the operation of the engine. The engine-resident control unit is the PLD-MR (refer to "2.2 Pld-Mr – Engine-Resident Control Unit" ).‪

The vehicle control system monitors the vehicle systems. The vehicle control system broadcasts all information on the J1587 and J1939 Data Links, where it can be read by minidiag2. The vehicle control system module is the DDEC-Vehicle Control Unit (DDEC-VCU), refer to "2.3 Vehicle Control Unit— On-Highway" .‪

The harnesses connect the electronic control units to sensors and switches, injectors, and miscellaneous application devices like throttle controls, instrument panel gages and lights. This section describes the functionality of the harnesses and the electronic control units.‪

MBE 900/4000 Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE422
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