MBE 900 4000 Troubleshooting – Section 3.1 Introduction

Section 3.1

The MBE Electronics system is an electronic control system that monitors and determines all values required for the operation of the engine. A diagnostic interface is provided to connect an external diagnosis tester.‪

Besides the engine related sensors and the engine-resident control unit (PLD-MR), this system has a cab-mounted control unit for vehicle engine management. There are several different modules used for vehicle engine management such as the DDEC-Vehicle Control Unit (DDEC-VCU) and the FMR. The specific DDEC-VCU used is application dependent. The connection to the vehicle is made via a CAN interface which digitally transmits the nominal values (e.g. torque, engine speed specification, etc.) and the actual values (e.g. engine speed, oil pressure, etc.). There are five different architectures used for the different vehicle engine management modules and the PLD-MR.‪

The engine control system monitors both the engine and the datalink connecting the electronic control units. The DDEC-VCU then broadcasts all information on the J1587 and J1939 datalinks, where it can be read by Minidiag2 and the other vehicle systems. When a malfunction or other problem is detected, the system selects an appropriate response; for example, the emergency running mode may be activated.‪

MBE 900/4000 Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE422
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