Section 7 Snapshot Examples

Section 7
Snapshot Examples

The following snapshots are intended to show how to “interpret” the information recorded. Use the examples as a guide to understand normal engine operation. Pay particular attention to EGR temperature since it is the prime indicator of the EGR flow.‪

Note: The EGR systems in the MBE 4000 and MBE 900 engines contain fewer components and use simpler control logic than the other series of Detroit Diesel engines. Therefore, using the Fault Codes should be the primary means of solving troubleshooting problems. The following examples should not be used to determine good vs. bad engine operation. They are meant to give the user a good understanding of how the EGR system operates. As more information becomes available, the snapshot examples will be expanded to aid engine diagnosis.

Each snapshot in this chapter was generated under controlled vehicle operation:‪

7.1 Normal Engine Operation Snapshots

7.2 Problem Engine Operation Snapshots

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