Series 40E Troubleshooting – Section 1.3 Abbreviations / Acronyms

Section 1.3
Abbreviations / Acronyms

A/C—Air Conditioning‪

AC—Alternating Current‪


A/D—Analog to Digital‪


ASCII—American Standard Code for Information Interchange‪

AT/MT—Allison AT.MT automatic transmission‪

ATA—American Trucking Association‪

AWG—American Wire Gauge‪

BARO—Barometric Pressure Sensor‪


BNO—Brake Normally Open‪

C—Celsius / Centigade‪

CAP—Cold Ambient Protection system‪

CEL—Check Engine Light‪

CLS—Coolant Level Switch‪

CMP—Camshaft Position Sensor; also referred to as TRS‪

COL—Change Oil Lamp‪


DC—Direct Current‪

DDC—Detroit Diesel Corporation‪

DDS—Driveline Disengagement Switch‪

DDR—Diagnostic Data Reader‪

DVOM—Digital Volt Ohm Meter‪

EFPA—Electronic Foot Pedal‪

EFRC—Engine Family Rating Code‪

ECI—Engine Crank Inhibit‪

ECL—Engine Coolant Level System‪

ECM—Electronic Control Module‪

ECM_PWR—Electronic Control Module Power Supply‪

ECT—Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor‪

EDL—Engine Data Line‪

EFAN—Engine Fan‪


EST—Electronic Service Tool‪

EOP—Engine Oil Pressure Sensor‪

EOT—Engine Oil Temperature Sensor‪

EWPS—Engine Warning and Protection System‪


FMI—Failure Mode Identifier‪


HEUI—Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injection‪



IAT—Intake Air Temperature Sensor‪

ICP—Injection Control Pressure Sensor‪


INJ—Injector Drive Circuits‪

IPR—Injection Pressure Regulator‪

IPR_SYS—Injection Pressure Regulation System‪

IST—Idle Shutdown Timer‪

IVS—Idle Validation Switch‪

KOEO—Key Off Engine Off test‪


MAP—Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor‪

MID—Message Identification (ID)‪


MPH—Miles per Hour‪

OCC—Output Circuit Check‪

OEM—Original Equipment Manufacturer‪

OWL—Oil / Water Lamp‪

P/N—Part Number‪

PGS—Pressure Sensor Governor‪

PID—Parameter Identification (ID)‪

RAM—Random Access Memory‪

RESUME / ACCEL—Resume / Accelerate switch‪

r/min—Revolutions per minute‪

ROM—Read Only Memory‪

RPS—Remote Accelerator Pedal Sensor‪

RSE—Radiator Shutter Enable‪

SCCS—Speed Control Command Switches‪

SEL—Stop Engine Light‪

SID—Subsystem Identification (ID)‪

SPDT—Single Pole Double Throw‪

SPST—Single Pole Single Throw‪

STI—Self Test Input‪

STI / WARN—Self Test Input Switch and Engine Warn Light‪

TACH—Tachometer Input Circuits‪

TDC—Top Dead Center‪

TSA—Two-Speed Axle Input Circuit‪

TRS—Timing Reference Sensor‪

VAC—Volts, Alternating Current‪

VDC—Volts, Direct Current‪

VIH—Vehicle Interface Harness‪

VIN—Vehicle Identification Number‪

VRE—Vehicle Retarder‪

VREF—Voltage Reference Circuits‪

VSS—Vehicle Speed Signal‪

WTEC—Allison MD WTEC transmission‪

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