Series 40E Troubleshooting – Section 2.2 Fuel Flow

Section 2.2
Fuel Flow

The fuel supply pump produces the necessary vacuum to draw the fuel from the fuel tanks. See Figure
“Fuel System Diagram”

. Fuel from the tanks flows through the strainer that filters out any large contaminants that may be present in the fuel. From the strainer the fuel flows to the supply pump. This pump increases the pressure to approximately 65 lb/in.2
(448 kPa). Once the fuel has been pressurized, it flows to the fuel supply manifold and to the injectors via passage ways in the cylinder head.‪

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1. Supply Pump‪

6. Check Ball‪

2. Fuel Manifold‪

7. Strainer‪

3. Injector‪

8. Filter‪

4. Regulator‪

9. Hand Primer Pump‪

5. Bleed Valve‪

Figure 1. Fuel System Diagram

In the injectors, the fuel pressure is increased to injection pressures of approximately 18,000 lb/in.2
(124,106 kPa).‪

The fuel rail pressure is controlled to 65 lb/in.2
by a fuel pressure regulator mounted to the rear of the manifold. After the pressure regulator, excess fuel is returned to the tanks.‪

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