Series 40E Troubleshooting – Section 9.2 Instructions

Section 9.2

Before performing any of the diagnostic procedures, fill in the information requested at the top of the diagnostic forms. Proper information is required.‪

The date, miles and hours are important information for warranty purposes.‪

The engine serial number and vehicle identification number (VIN) are important information for ordering parts and referencing service information. The engine serial number is located on a machined pad next to the rear of the fuel filter on the left side of the engine block. The VIN is located on the driver side door jamb.‪

The engine horsepower and emissions information and the engine family rating code (EFRC) is important information to determine if the engine is the correct horsepower for the application and if the ECM is calibrated to the correct horsepower and emissions level. The engine horsepower and emissions information is located on the emission label located on the intake manifold/valve cover. The engine family rating code can only be accessed with the EST (Electronic Service Tool).‪

To read the EFRC, follow these steps:‪

  1. Select NAVPAK MENU
    and press ENTER.
  3. Select ENG/TRANS SELECT MENU and press ENTER.
  4. Scroll to the ENGINE RATING CODE and it will be displayed on the EST. See Figure.
    “Diagnostic Form”


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Figure 1. Diagnostic Form

Series 40E Troubleshooting Manual – 6SE241
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