Series 40E Troubleshooting – Section 10.5 Engine Oil Level Check

Section 10.5
Engine Oil Level Check

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Figure 1. Diagnostic Form

The engine oil level check determines if the crankcase contains engine oil of sufficient quantity and quality to enable the injection control pressure system to function properly. For a reproduction of the applicable portion of the diagnostic form, see Figure
“Diagnostic Form”

, above.‪

Section 10.5.1
Test Procedure

Follow this procedure to check engine oil level:‪

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground. Check the oil level with the oil level gage. If there is no oil or very little oil in the crankcase, the fuel injectors will not operate.

    Note: If the oil level on the gage is over the full level, it is possible the engine was incorrectly serviced or fuel is diluting the oil and filling the crankcase. If a substantial amount of fuel is in the oil, the oil will have a fuel odor.

  2. Inspect the oil for color. A milky white oil indicates possible coolant contamination and will have an ethylene glycol odor.
  3. Check service records for correct oil type and viscosity for the temperature (environment) in which the vehicle is operating. Single weight or 15W40 oil is not recommended for cold ambient temperatures. Oil that has had extended drain intervals will have increased viscosity (become thicker) and will make engine cranking more difficult and starting less reliable at temperatures below freezing. Refer to the lubrication oil chart in the engine operators manual, Series 40E Engine Operator’s Guide
    , 6SE0240, for the correct oil selection for temperature conditions.

Section 10.5.2
Possible Causes

Possible causes for the hard start/no start diagnosis include the following:‪

  • Oil level low — Oil leak, oil consumption, incorrect servicing
  • Oil level high — Incorrect servicing, fuel dilution from transfer pump or defective injector and defective O-rings
  • Oil contamination with coolant — Oil cooler, head gasket, porosity (accessories i.e. water-cooled air compressors)

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