Series 40E Troubleshooting – Section 11.10 Est Tool — Injector Test

Section 11.10
Est Tool — Injector Test

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Figure 1. Diagnostic Form

The Engine Running Test must be performed first to access the INJECTOR TEST. For a reproduction of the applicable portion of the diagnostic form, see Figure
“Diagnostic Form”

. ‪

Section 11.10.1

The Engine Running Test will verify that all power cylinders are contributing equally.‪

Section 11.10.2
Test Procedure

After the Engine Running Test has been completed, press the ↓ key from the ENGINE RUNNING TESTS screen to access the INJECTOR TEST. Then press enter. See Figure
“Diagnostic Form”

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Figure 2. Diagnostic Form

Note: The engine will run rough during the test.

The EST will signal the ECM to actuate each injector in a programmed sequence and then measure the power cylinder performance.‪

At the completion of the test, the EST screen will display 00 FAULTS”, if no injector faults occurred. If the EST indicates faults have been detected, press enter to display the fault codes. Record the fault codes and refer to the Electronic Diagnostic Form; refer to “10.1 Introduction”

, for fault codes that were detected.‪

Section 11.10.3
Possible Causes

Possible causes for this condition follow:‪

  • Broken compression rings, leaking or bent valves, bent pushrods or connecting rods
  • Open or shorted engine wiring harness to injectors
  • Defective injectors or solenoids

Section 11.10.4
Tools Required

Pro-Link 9000, J 38500–100


Section 11.10.5
Supplemental Diagnostics

For further diagnostics, refer to “34 Injection Pressure Regulation System”


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