Section 2.4 Electronic Controls

Section 2.4
Electronic Controls

The Series 40E engine is equipped with a 12–volt or 24–volt ECM with hydraulically actuated electronically controlled unit injectors (HEUI). For sensor locations, see Figure "Typical Location for Engine-mounted Sensors (Rear Mounted ECM)" .‪

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1. Camshaft Position Sensor‪

5. Oil Temperature Sensor‪

2. Coolant Temperature Sensor‪

6. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor‪

3. Oil Pressure Sensor‪

7. Injection Control Pressure Sensor‪

4. Injection Pressure Regulator Valve‪

8. Electronic Control Module‪

Figure 1. Typical Location for Engine-mounted Sensors (Rear Mounted ECM)

Series 40E Service Manual - 6SE410
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