Section 7.1 Overview of Exhaust System

Section 7.1
Overview of Exhaust System

The exhaust system consists of those components that flow exhaust gases to the atmosphere. The exhaust system includes exhaust valves, exhaust manifold, muffler and exhaust piping. The turbocharger compressor side is part of the intake system, and the turbine side is part of the exhaust system. See Figure "Air Induction and Exhaust Systems" .‪

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 1. Intake Manifold Pressure Port‪

 8. Wastegate‪

 2. Turbine Wheel‪

 9. Crossover Pipe‪

 3. Engine Exhaust Manifold‪

10. Charge Air Cooler‪

 4. Exhaust Valve‪

11. Compressor Wheel‪

 5. Intake Valve‪

12. Restriction Gage / Indicator Port‪

 6. Engine Intake Manifold Valve Cover‪

13. Air Cleaner‪

 7. Turbocharger‪

Figure 1. Air Induction and Exhaust Systems

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