Section 13.1 Maintenance Overview

Section 13.1
Maintenance Overview

For effective emission control and low operating cost, it is important that maintenance operations listed on the following pages be performed at the specified periods of mileage intervals indicated.‪

Service intervals are based upon average operating conditions. Where dusty, frequent start and stop or heavily laden operations are encountered, more frequent servicing will be required.‪

The owner is responsible for the performance of all scheduled maintenance. The required maintenance operations may be performed by the owner or a service establishment of the owner's choosing. Any replacement parts used for required maintenance services or repairs should be genuine Detroit Diesel parts or equivalent in quality and performance to genuine DDC parts. Use of inferior replacement parts hinders operations of the engine and emissions control system.‪

Receipts covering the performance of regular maintenance should be retained in the event questions arise concerning maintenance. The receipts should be transferred to each subsequent owner of the engine (vehicle).‪

Series 40E Service Manual - 6SE410
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