Section 8.8 Micro-Pack™ Series Connectors

Section 8.8
Micro-Pack™ Series Connectors

Micro-Pack™ series connectors are push-to-seat connectors. Each wire must be crimped into the terminal before it is inserted into the connector. All terminals require 18 gage GXL wire.

Micro-Pack is a trademark of Delphi-Packard.‪

Section 8.8.1
Repair and Replacement of Micro-Pack Connectors

Repairs to Micro-Pack connectors are not possible. Remove the defective or damaged connector and replace. Refer to "8.8.2 Removal of Micro-Pack Connectors " .

Section 8.8.2
Removal of Micro-Pack Connectors

To remove the connector:

  1. Cut the cable immediately behind the damaged terminal.
  2. Install a fresh connector. Refer to "8.8.3 Installation of Micro-Pack Connectors " .

Section 8.8.3
Installation of Micro-Pack Connectors

Micro-Pack series connectors are of the push-to-seat design. The terminal is crimped on the wire before it is inserted into the connector.

Use the following instructions for terminal installation:


The cable should be stripped of insulation before it is inserted through the connector body.‪

  1. Strip the end of the cable using wire strippers to leave 5.0 mm (0.20 in.) (±0.5 mm ±0.02 in.) of bare conductor.
  2. Insert the terminal into the locating hole of the crimping tool. Check the gage of the cable to locate the proper hole.
  3. Insert the cable into the terminal until the stripped portion is positioned in the cable core wings, and the insulated portion of the cable is in the insulation wings. See Figure "Cable to Terminal Alignment" .
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    Figure 1. Cable to Terminal Alignment

  4. Compress the handles of the crimping tool until the crimp is complete.

    Note: For faster, more efficient crimping operation, a bracket or bench rest may be used to cradle one handle of the tool. The operator can then apply the terminals by grasping and actuating only one handle of the tool.

  5. Release the crimping tool with the lock lever located between the handles, in case of jamming.
  6. Push the crimped terminal into the connector until it clicks into place. Gently tug on the cable to make sure it is secure.

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