Series 50 – Section 18.4 Internal Engine Damage

Section 18.4
Internal Engine Damage

To determine if internal engine damage is causing no start condition, perform the following steps: ‪

  1. Install a 3/4 in. breaker bar or ratchet and attempt to bar the engine over by hand.
  2. Determine severity of internal engine damage.
    1. If the engine rotates freely, check the electronic control module wiring harness; refer to "17.2 Electronic Control Module Wiring Harness" .
    2. If the engine binds and will not rotate freely, replace crankshaft bearings, or cylinder liners; refer to "18.4.1 Internal Engine Damage Replacement" .

Section 18.4.1
Internal Engine Damage Replacement

Perform the following for crankshaft bearings, and cylinder liners replacement:‪

  1. Replace the crankshaft bearings; refer to "1.9.1 Repair or Replacement of Crankshaft Main Bearings" .
  2. Replace the cylinder liners; refer to "1.20.2 Cleaning and Removal of Cylinder Liner" .
  3. Verify replacement of components; refer to " Test Engine with Replaced Components" .
Test Engine with Replaced Components

Perform the following to determine if the new components resolved no start condition:‪

  1. Attempt to start and run the engine.
    1. If the engine starts and runs, no further troubleshooting is required. Shut the engine down.
    2. If the engine fails to start or run, call the Detroit Diesel Technical Service Group.

Series 50 Service Manual - 6SE50
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