Section 30.1 Lead Repair

Section 30.1
Lead Repair

Perform the following steps for straight leads using the splice method:‪

  1. To repair straight leads using the splice method:
    1. Locate broken wire.
    2. Remove insulation as required: be sure exposed wire is clean and not corroded.
    3. Slide a sleeve of shrink wrap on the wire long enough to cover the splice and overlap the wire insulation.
  2. To repair leads using solder is an optional method:
    1. You must use rosin core solder.
    2. Check the exposed wire before the splice is crimped in its connector. The exposed wire must be clean before splice is crimped.
    3. Use a suitable electronic soldering iron to heat the wires. Apply the solder to the heated wire (not the soldering iron) allowing sufficient solder flow into the splice joint.
    4. Pull on connection to assure crimping and soldering integrity.

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