Series 50G/60G Troubleshooting – Section 2.4 Low Fuel Pressure

Section 2.4
Low Fuel Pressure

Check for Low Fuel Pressure causing a Stall condition as follows:‪

  1. Turn the ignition on, crank the engine over, and check the DDR or DDDL for fuel pressure.
  2. If the fuel pressure is above 94 psia (649 kPa-a) (CNG) or above 74 psia (511 kPa-a) (LNG), then troubleshoot the PSV operation. Refer to "2.6.1 PSV Operation Check" .
  3. If there is no fuel pressure or the fuel pressure is below 94 psia (649 kPa-a) (CNG) or 74 psia (511 kPa-a) (LNG), then check the operation of the Low Pressure Fuel Shut-Off Valve. Refer to "2.5.1 Low Pressure Fuel Shut-Off Valve Check" .
  4. If the engine still stalls, check the Fuel System. Refer to "2.5 Fuel System" .
  5. If the engine no longer stalls, troubleshooting is done.

Series 50G and 60G Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE482
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