Section 3.2 Boost Mode Operation

Section 3.2
Boost Mode Operation

A typical boost mode operation consists of:‪

  • Accelerating a vehicle from a stationary position and shifting up through the transmission gears
  • Performing engine brake operation
  • The vehicle must be at or above 6500 ft of altitude
  • High ambient humidity to prevent condensation of EGR gases in the intake manifold

Section 3.2.1

The EGR valve is actuated by the ECM. Initiation of EGR requires minimum engine speed and boost pressure (air flow) in order to transition into EGR mode without an abrupt drop in air/fuel ratio.‪

Once minimum RPM and boost levels are attained the ECM sends a signal via PWM #2, see Figure "Transition from Boost Mode to EGR Mode" , to initiate the valve opening event by providing air pressure to the EGR actuator.‪

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Figure 1. Transition from Boost Mode to EGR Mode

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