Section 13.1 Engine Tune-Up Procedures

Section 13.1
Engine Tune-Up Procedures

The Series 60 engine is equipped with Detroit Diesel Electronic Control system (DDEC). Since DDEC replaces any mechanical governing devices, and the fuel injectors are electronically controlled, it is unnecessary to perform engine speed adjustments. ‪



To avoid injury from accidental engine startup while servicing the engine, disconnect/disable the starting system.‪



To avoid injury from contact with rotating parts when an engine is operating with the air inlet piping removed, install an air inlet screen shield over the turbocharger air inlet. The shield prevents contact with rotating parts.‪


To prevent possible damage, do not perform engine tune-up procedures or engine repair without first disconnecting the engine cranking motor and/or batteries.‪

The turbocharger compressor inlet shield (J–26554–A) must be used anytime the engine is operated with the air inlet piping removed. See Figure "Turbocharger Compressor Inlet Shield" .‪

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Figure 1. Turbocharger Compressor Inlet Shield

The shield helps prevent foreign objects from entering and damaging the turbocharger and will prevent the mechanic from accidentally touching the impeller. ‪

The tune-up procedure for the Series 60 engine consists of intake and exhaust valve clearance adjustments, fuel injector height adjustments, and Jake Brake® lash adjustments. These adjustments should be made with the engine cold. Refer to "13.2 Valve Lash, Injector Height (Timing) and Jake Brake® Lash Adjustments" and refer to "13.2.1 Slave Piston Adjustment (Jake Brake® Lash)" .‪

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