Section 14.4 Preventive Maintenance for the Series 60G Automotive Engine (City Transit Coach)

Section 14.4
Preventive Maintenance for the Series 60G Automotive Engine (City Transit Coach)

The following is a list of items that are unique to the Series 60G engine for preventive maintenance (city transit coach):‪

Section 14.4.1
Coalescing Fuel Filters

Drain coalescing fuel filters daily. Inspect natural gas fuel filter every 9,600 km (6,000 miles). Replace fuel filter if dirt, debris or foreign objects are present “inside” of the fuel filter. Also, replace if fuel filter seal is damaged. ‪

Note: Oil saturation on the outside of the fuel filter is a NORMAL condition of the oil coalescing process.

Section 14.4.2
Valve Lash

Check valve lash. Valve lash should be inspected and adjusted every 58,000 km (36,000 miles) as specified. ‪

Section 14.4.3
Closed Crankcase Breather System

The closed crankcase breather filter must be replaced every 9,600 km (6000 miles). The filter is located in the remote mounted crank vent assembly.‪

Section 14.4.4
Dry-Type Air Cleaner

Under no operating condition should the intake restriction exceed 20 inches of water at full load and rated speed. A clogged air cleaner element will cause excessive intake restriction and a reduced air supply to the engine. For equivalent restriction limits for lower speed, refer to Detroit Diesel Corporation Engineering Bulletin No. 39, "Air Cleaner Systems for Detroit Diesel Engines".‪

Inspect the air cleaner element every 19,000 km (12,000 miles) for coaches. Inspect the air cleaner more often if the engine is operated under severe dust conditions. Replace the element if necessary. Check the gaskets for deterioration and replace, if necessary. If the dry-type air cleaner is equipped with an aspirator, check for aspirator damage or clogging. Clean and repair as necessary.‪

Section 14.4.5
Engine Lubricating Oil

Change the lubricating oil every 9,600 km (6,000 miles) for city transit coaches. (Refer to Engine Requirements - Lubricating Oil, Fuel and Filters - 7SE272).‪

Section 14.4.6
Engine Lubricating Oil Filters

Change the lubricating oil filters at each oil change 9,600 km (6,000 miles) for city transit coaches). ‪

Section 14.4.7

Check the coolant level daily before starting the engine. Ensure coolant is up to the proper level. Add coolant as necessary. DO NOT OVERFILL. Check all cooling system lines and hoses for damage, leaks or loose connections. Tighten or replace as necessary. (Refer to Coolant Selections for Detroit Diesel Engines 7SE298). Check for proper inhibitor level at each oil change (15,000 miles or 24,000 km) and add as required; or 6,000 miles (9,600 km) for coaches.‪

Section 14.4.8
Turbocharger and Wastegate Assembly

Inspect turbocharger mountings, air intake and exhaust ducts, recirculation valve assembly, and wastegate valve assembly, including hoses, for leaks. Check the oil and water inlet and outlet lines and connections for leaks and restrictions to flow. Check for unusual vibrations or noises. If excessive, remove unit from service and have cause corrected.‪

Section 14.4.9

Check thermostats and seals every 173,800 km (108,000 miles) for coach. Replace the seals and/or thermostat, if necessary.‪

Section 14.4.10
Spark Plugs

Replace the spark plugs and boot spring assembly every 38,600 km (24,000 miles) for coach; see service manual for plug information, refer to "16.8 Spark Plugs" and refer to "16.4 Ignition Boot Assembly" .‪

Series 60 Service Manual - 6SE483
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