Section 8.1 Overview of Electrical System

Section 8.1
Overview of Electrical System

The electrical system consists of the following components:‪

  • Starting motor
  • Battery-charging generator (alternator)
  • Transistorized voltage regulator (normally integral to the alternator)
  • Storage battery(s)
  • Ignition switch
  • Engine monitoring sensors
  • Starting motor relay

    With the exception of the ECM system, never attempt to service any engine electrical systems until the batteries have been disconnected. When working on the alternator, be careful not to come in contact with the exhaust manifold or turbocharger. These components may be hot.‪

Detailed information on the maintenance and repair of the specific types of electrical equipment can be found in the service manuals and bulletins issued by the OEM.‪

In most instances, repairs and overhaul work on electrical equipment should be referred to an authorized repair station of the original equipment manufacturer. With the exception of ECM components, replacement parts for electrical equipment should be ordered through the original equipment manufacturer's outlets, since these parts are not normally supplied with the engine.‪

Series 638 Service Manual - 6SE648
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