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  1. I have a 2007 Western star 4900 FA with 14 liter 60 series Detroit engine
    I’ve had so much done to it by certified Detroit engine tech’s to discover and correct a engine issue which to date has not been found nor corrected.
    Shifting through bottom gears is of course quick and no Symptoms appear. Once in higher gears and prolonged throttle applications are present, that’s when the problem becomes apparent.
    Feels like injector failure or air in fuel. Coolant temp rises, power diminishes and rough running / popping etc is there.
    Back off the throttle to round a cloverleaf ( access to other highway or similar) and reapply the throttle and Symptoms are ( temporarily) gone till once again I’m on the throttle fully for a prolonged period of time.
    2. Idle truck for upwards of 60 minutes and again, all Symptoms are gone once I start working the engine, but again the popping/ power reduction etc returns one I’m on the throttle for a while ( 25 seconds +)
    After 8-10 hour’s working the truck, Symptoms taper down and often leave completely.
    -after truck sits, not used for a couple day’s or more, engine runs pretty decent for the 1st hour or so.
    -power is hugely effected along with the popping etc.
    Detroit support got involved. They had new ( not reman) VPOD installed, new engine wiring harness, new boost sensor, new Syncro sensor, new turbo .
    ( 4 turbos were tried, 3 VPOD’s also)
    No codes present whatsoever.
    The EGR was also replaced ( this I paid for, the prior I did not, Detroit picked up the bill )
    Engine was fully rebuilt by Detroit tech’s ( Wajax, Stoney Creek Ont)
    who have also done all previously mentioned work.
    27 visits to date ( to Wajax), none of which have corrected my problem.
    The ” popping power reduction stumble etc” can be quite bad, bad enough my power divider failed, the eyes in my driveshaft wowed out
    ( became oval) , U-joints failed, Tranny failed, the bell housing seal/ gasket began leaking and the list continues.
    Again, no issue’s until engine is under load with prolonged throttle applications. Mornings can be horrific, even though engine is 2x 120 minute
    “Wabasto ” pre-heated in colder season.
    Please help. My cell: 905 746 5505
    Thank you.

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