Section 2 Low Oil Pressure

Section 2
Low Oil Pressure

2.1 Improper Engine Oil Level

2.2 Improper Lubricating Oil Viscosity

2.3 Lubricating Oil Diluted With Fuel Oil or Engine Coolant

2.4 Faulty Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor

2.5 Rocker Arm Shaft Plugs Missing (New or Rebuilt Engines Only)

2.6 Restricted Oil Cooler

2.7 Nonfunctional or Sticking Oil Pressure Regulator Valve

2.8 Defective Bypass Valve

2.9 Defective Pressure Relief Valve

2.10 Defective Pickup Screen Tube and Screen Assembly

2.11 Defective Crankshaft Main Bearing Shells

2.12 Defective Oil Pump Assembly

2.13 Detecting Internal Fuel Leaks

EPA07 Series 60 DDEC VI Troubleshooting Guide - 6SE567
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