A low power complaint or oil leakage found in the turbo­ charger housings can be the result of a number of factors. Locate the problem in the engine or support system and re­ pair it, and then bring the turbocharger up to temperature.

The following list gives some possible causes for wetness.
1. Excessive idle.
2. Engine oil ingestion.
3. High crankcase pressure.
4. Dirty air cleaner.
5. Restricted turbocharger oil drain.
6. Sudden drop in compressor inlet air pressure.

The following list provides reasons for pressure drop at the inlet or exhaust side of the turbocharger that allows oil to push past the seals.

1. Blown air discharge hose.
2. Blown charge air cooler hose.
3. Restricted air inlet (plugged cleaner).
4. High or low exhaust back pressure.
5. Faulty oil pressure regulator.

In addition to these items, debris from a failed turbocharger can become lodged temporarily in the exhaust and muffler system, particularity in installations with vertical exhaust systems. This debris must be removed prior to installing a replacement turbocharger. This will prevent another failure caused by debris dropping back into the turbocharger wheel once the engine is restarted and operated. It may be neces­sary to replace the muffler if the debris cannot be removed.

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