Engine Oils For DDC Four Cycle Closed Crankcase Ventilation Applications

The following engine oils are confirmed to be suitable for use in DDC 4-stroke cycle marine, generator, and other engine applications equipped with a closed crankcase breather system.

Multigrade Oils (All DDC 4-Cycle Engines – except Series 2000 marine) Multigrade 15W-40, API CH-4 oils are primary recommendations in all DDC 4-cycle engines.

The following oils have demonstrated passing performance in the MTV 5040 glassware deposit test and meet API CH-4.

Monograde Oils (Series 4000 & 2000 only)
Monograde SAE 40 oils are primary recommendations in Series 2000 and Series 4000 marine engines. These oils must be formulated with additive technologies equivalent to a CH-4 related multigrade oil or have completed a successful field test.
SAE 40 grade oils do not need to pass the glassware test. The following oil formulations have been reviewed by DDC and found to contain preferred additive technology compared to API CF only oils.

Monograde oils should not be used in S60 engines.

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