Series 50 and 60 Rear Engine Power Take Off Housing

This letter is written to aid in the repair and parts replacement of the REPTO housing
The REPTO housing is non-serviceable, except for the yoke, yoke inner and outer seals, and the two input gear hub seals, which are identical to the old style (Federal Mogul) crankshaft seals. When servicing the REPTO housing, the following steps must be adhered to.
1. The yoke must be purchased through DDC. The back of the yoke is modified for DDC with machined grooves, which allow oil to flow to the front output shaft bearing. If an aftermarket yoke is used, the oil passage will be blocked and the complete REPTO unit will have to be replaced. Also, upon inspection of the yoke, if any grooves are cut into the yoke sealing surface by the seals, the yoke must be replaced or oil leakage will occur. When replacing the yoke, Loctite 565 should be applied to the yoke splines (not output shaft), both sides of the yoke washer, and to the threads of the yoke retaining nut to help prevent oil leakage.
2. The yoke seals (both dust and oil) must also be purchased through DDC and the Kent-Moore seal drivers must be used to ensure proper seal depth and “squareness” in the seal bore.
3. The crankshaft endplay must be set each time the housing is installed in order to prevent crankshaft-to-
thrust-washer damage upon engine startup.

See Table 1 for tool requirements.

Four types of yokes are available for use with the REPTO assembly. Make sure the correct service kit is
used for the yoke that is being replaced. Refer to Table 2.

There has also been a change to the housing plugs in the REPTO assembly to help correct leaks that might occur with wet clutch housings. They are now SAE straight thread plugs with o-ring seals to help prevent leaks. Service kits are available for both the 12mm and 14mm REPTO assemblies. These kits include the new style REPTO housing and the new plugs and seals. The kit does not contain the yoke.
See Table 3. NOTE: The housing must have the appropriate straight thread and o-ring seat to accept the new plug.

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