Bearings – Section 4 Identification

Section 4

When conducting a bearing analysis, proper identification of the component location is key. When there is more than one part, mark or etch the part location. On the bearing shells, mark the location for the upper and lower bearing if necessary. Remember to mark each bearing with its exact location and piston number. Mark each cap with its location. The caps cannot be interchanged with each other.‪

Ensure to identify the stamping on each bearing. Each bearing should be stamped with its part number, size classification, manufacturing date, and manufacturer. See Figure "Detroit Diesel Bearing Stampings" for Detroit Diesel bearings and see Figure "MTU Bearing Stampings" for MTU® bearings.‪

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1. Detroit Diesel Logo‪

3. Manufacturing Date‪

2. Size Classification‪

4. Part Number‪

Figure 1. Detroit Diesel Bearing Stampings

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1. Manufacturer‪

4. Part Number‪

2. Manufacturing Date‪

5. Size Classification‪

3. MTU Logo‪

Figure 2. MTU Bearing Stampings

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